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BRS Measurement Module Battery Test (MBT)
  • BRS Measurement Module Battery Test (MBT)

BRS Measurement Module Battery Test (MBT)

Art. nr: BRS MBT

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The MBT-x is a measurement module for production and quality assurance of batteries. It is optimized for the quick test of battery cells and modules and for checking welding joints in EoL-tests.
It measures 3 key battery parameters (AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance and battery voltage) within 0.4sec. An additional mode allows for automatic temperature compensation.
In addition to the 4-wire measuring technology, a 6-wire arrangement is also provided to facilitate the wiring.
The measurement module is protected by an aluminium housing which can be mounted by 4 screws. It is remotely controlled via RS232 communication interface and powered by a separate power supply.

  • Switchable resistance range allows welding tests.
  • 3-parameter measurement within 0.4sec
  • Measuring battery voltage with high accuracy (±1mV for cells)
  • Measuring the battery internal resistance (ohmic part) at 2 frequencies (10Hz, 1kHz)
  • Test connection in 4-wire technology or in 6-wire technology with compensation current
  • Measuring temperature with temperature compensation of the 10Hz measurement
  • Cycle time can be further reduced by parallel operation

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  MBT51 / MBT53 MBT510 / MBT530 MBT60100/60300
Application Large cells Small cells Modules
Voltage range / V 0…5 0…5 0…60
Resistant range / mΩ 1 / 3 / 10 (1 / 3)
10 / 30 / 100
(10 / 30)
100 / 300 / 1000
Polarity independent no yes no