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BRS Battery Service Tool (BST1)
  • BRS Battery Service Tool (BST1)

BRS Battery Service Tool (BST1)

Art. nr: BRS BST1

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The BST1 is a compact and economical service tool for quick diagnosis of batteries, e.g. for the mainBatteriemessgerät BST1tenance of UPS.
The instrument measures the internal resistance and the open circuit voltage. By comparison with reference values the state of health (SoH) and the state of charge (SoC) are determined.
The measurement takes only a few seconds. By applying two probes to the battery poles the measurement is conducted, the result is held in the display for easy reading.
Special features of the instrument are the possibility to enter battery names in plain text and the presentation of results in CSV format for direct analysis in spreadsheet programs.

Mer information

Measurement ParametersBST1
Internal resistance1 µΩ - 1Ω