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BRS Battery Impedance Meters (BIM)
  • BRS Battery Impedance Meters (BIM)

BRS Battery Impedance Meters (BIM)

Art. nr: BRS BIM1

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  • Tolerance test (target/actual performance comparison)
  • Evaluation of model parameters
  • Diagnostic function for quick evaluation of state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-health (SoH)
  • Voltage monitoring with alarme output
  • Trigger input 

Mer information

The BIM-1 and BIM-2 are economical, easy to use and compact Battery Impedance Meters. They combine the functions a battery tester and of a battery analyzer and allow a quick test of battery cells and battery modules independently of the battery technology.

The results ​​are communicated to a PC via USB interface which also provides electrical power. Operation is via a graphical user interface (GUI) which operates and displays the results; alternatively a programming interface can be provided.

Ambient conditions (temperature) can be measured via a second input (BIM2 only).
Measurement Parameters BIM-1 BIM-2
Voltage 0…60V 0…60V
Internal resistance 10 µΩ - 1Ω 1 µΩ - 1Ω
Frequency range of spectral impedance 1Hz…1kHz 0,1Hz…1kHz
Temperature ----- -40°C…+80°C with RTD
Current ----- 10mA…1000A with current clamp