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Andeen -Hagerling AH2550A Bridge, 1 kHz Automatic Capacitance Bridge
  • Andeen -Hagerling AH2550A Bridge, 1 kHz Automatic Capacitance Bridge

Andeen -Hagerling AH2550A Bridge, 1 kHz Automatic Capacitance Bridge

Art. nr: Andeen -Hagerling AH2550A Bridge

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The World's Most Accurate Capacitance/Loss Bridge 


The AH 2550A offers unparalleled stability, resolution and accuracy in a capacitance/loss bridge (whether manual or automatic).

Its numerous state of the art features make it an exceptionally user-friendly instrument, just as was its predecessor, the AH2500A.

The precision and ease of use of the AH2550A are creating new applications in science, calibration, and production in a wide range of fields.


The AH2550A has replaced the non-option-E version of the AH2500A. The latter product is no longer available.


The AH2550A is designed to be an improved substitute for the AH2500A and should be capable of replacing the AH2500A in virtually all applications.


Mer information

  • Accuracy of 5 ppm
  • Stability better than 1 ppm/year 
  • Resolution of 0.5 attofarad (.000 0005 pF) and 0.15 ppm
  • Temperature Coefficient of 0.03 ppm/°C
  • Measures extremely low loss down to a dissipation factor of 1.5x10-8 tan delta, a conductance of 3x10-7 nanosiemens or a resistance up to 1.7x106 gigohms
  • Full precision measurements in less than 0.5 second and repeated measurements on the same sample in less than 40 milliseconds
  • Both capacitance and loss ranges cover negative values to allow for unusual samples or three terminal networks
  • Three terminal BNC connections minimize connector costs and number of cables
  • Commutation (test signal reversal) to minimize external power line or other periodic signal pickup
  • Autoranging
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces compatible with the IEEE-1174 Standard included; external device can serve as controller or logger
  • Programmable features can eliminate the need for an external controller
  • Full or abbreviated English language commands and error messages
  • Large, variable brightness, eight digit display of capacitance and loss
  • Deviation measurements of capacitance, loss or both
  • Zero correction of test fixture capacitance and loss
  • External DC bias up to ±100 volts
  • External trigger capability
  • Automatic internal calibration
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Self test diagnostics on power-up
  • Three year warranty
  • Patented, digital phase-shifting circuitry needs no calibration and is temperature independent.
  • Enhanced test diagnostics are able to isolate component failures and require less intervention by the operator.
  • Very good Line-related noise rejection
  • Complete re-design of the digital circuitry provides very high reliability.
  • Upper limit of test signal voltage has a minimum setting of 0.3 mV
  • Largest measurable capacitance is 1.5 µF
  • Real-time clock 
  • The front panel display is fully alphanumeric.
  • 10 number of LED indicators on the front panel