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Fluke 80K-40 Högspänningsprob 40kV
  • Fluke 80K-40 Högspänningsprob 40kV

Fluke 80K-40 Högspänningsprob 40kV

Art. nr: 71460
3 040 kr


The Model 80K-40 is a high voltage accessory probe designed to extend the voltage measuring capability of an ac/dc voltmeter up to 40,000 volts Overvoltage Category I.


This means the probe can only be used to make measurements on energy limited circuits within equipment.

Examples include high voltage within televisions or photo copy machines.

DO NOT use this probe to measure high voltages on power distribution systems.

The probe is a precision 1000:1 voltage divider formed by two matched resistors.

The unusually high input impedance offered by these resistors minimizes circuit loading and thereby, optimizes measurement accuracy.

A special plastic body houses the divider and provides the user with isolation and protection from the voltage being measured.


Mer information


The 80K-40 will achieve rated accuracy when used with a

voltmeter (ac or dc) having an input impedance of 10 MW ±1.0%.*
Specifications for the probe are as follows:


Voltage Range: 1 kV to 40 kV dc or peak ac, 28 kV rms ac
Input Resistance: 1000 MΩ
Division Ratio: 1000: 1 (1000X attenuator)
Accuracy DC: 20 kV to 35 kV: ±1% at 20°C to 30°C; add 1% at 10°C <20°C and >30°C to 45°C. (For total measurement accuracy
add accuracy specification of voltmeter being used.) 0 kV to <20 kV and >35 kV to 40 kV: ±2%.
Accuracy AC: 60 Hz, ±5%.
Safety: Meets IEC 1010-2-031:1993, Type B, 40 kV dc or, peak ac, 28 kV rms ac, Overvoltage Category I (voltages derived from
limited energy transformer).