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PMK Batterypack AP-01
  • PMK Batterypack AP-01

PMK Batterypack AP-01

Art. nr: PMK Batterypack AP-01

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The AP-01 battery pack powers active probes of the BumbleBee® and Sonic series for >8 hours and enables their operation without additional power supply at any location, such as in test vehicles, wind turbines and any other portable measurement setups. The built-in battery has no ground reference and provides a symmetrical, bipolar supply with virtual ground by its integrated electronics.
This ground is connected to the ground potential of the measurement instrument / oscilloscope.
The battery pack has neither USB nor LAN interface, and connected probes cannot be operated with the „PMK Probe Control" software.

The external battery charger is tested in compliance with EN 60335-2-29/ IEC 335-2-29.