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iseg DPS Precisionsmoduler
  • iseg DPS Precisionsmoduler

iseg DPS Precisionsmoduler "mini" upp till 10kV, 9W

Art. nr: iseg DPS mini

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The DPS series includes high voltage power supply modules with output
voltages up to 10 kV in a very compact and easily mountable housing.

The maximum power is 9 W, polarity is factory fixed. The HV output is finished by SHV connector or by HV cable.

The supply and control voltages are connected via a D-SUB 9 connector.


An internal reference voltage can be used to control the output voltage with help of an external potentiometer.

Analogue I/O is provided for remote monitoring and control.

The iseg patented resonance mode principle and the metal box shielding guarantee lowest EMI.


Mer information

DPS series in very small compact box:
Precision high voltages up to 10 kV at max. 9 W

■ Very easily mountable
■ Polarity positive (+) or negative (-) (factory fixed, please specify)
■ High stable output voltage
■ Patented resonance mode principle
■ Very low ripple and noise
■ Very low EMI
■ Supply voltage through D-SUB 9 male connector
■ High voltage output with SHV connector (S) or HV cable (K)
■ Modified versions on request