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Megger DLRO2- 2 A digital mikroohmmeterMegger DLRO2- 2 A digital mikroohmmeterMegger DLRO2- 2 A digital mikroohmmeterMegger DLRO2- 2 A digital mikroohmmeterMegger DLRO2- 2 A digital mikroohmmeter

Megger DLRO2- 2 A digital mikroohmmeter

Art. nr: Megger DLRO2
21 360 kr


The DLRO2 is a tough, hand-held 2 A low resistance ohmmeter. It’s designed to provide fast, accurate, repeatable measurements, even in electrically noisy locations. 
The DLRO2 is the latest in a long line of instruments to proudly display the Ducter™ brand, the Ducter™ testers being as well-known and relied upon as Megger insulation resistance testers.

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  • Easily select functions using the rotary dial.
  • Option to run the test in bidirectional mode or in unidirectional mode to save time and battery power.
  • The ability to view 3 results on the screen at any time makes it ideal for 3-phase systems.
  • Overcome the effects of standing EMF voltages using the bidirectional test mode. Forward and reverse results can be viewed on the secondary display.
  • For stability of results, the instrument will warn you when electrical noise, or noise from poor clip/probe connections, is present.
  • Keeps testing as long as you can, with as many as 500 x 2 A - 3 second tests from a full charge.
  • Supplied with compact CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V rated kelvin clip test leads.


  • Aviation – Lightning protection testing measuring mΩ resistance between receptors, wing tip to wing tip etc., using long test leads. Optional long cable reel test leads are available, can be used for assembly of components, interconnection of equipment, repair and maintenance.
  • Wind turbines – Lightning protection, measuring mΩ resistance between wing tip to ground connection at base using long test leads. Optional long cable reel test leads are available.
  • Rail, tram and underground – rolling stock and infrastructure, track high current joints, signalling systems.
  • Marine – Power wiring systems, protection systems, ship-to-shore bonding, cathode protection system testing and cable laying applications.
  • Oil and gas pipelines – Bonding between welded joints and grounding systems.
  • Automotive and EV – Battery connections, weld quality, crimped connections quality, assembly robot welding cables.
  • Cable manufacturers – Quality control, cable length.
  • Component manufacturers – Quality control.
  • Space exploration and engineering – Structural metal to metal, ground network metal to metal, carbon fibre to metal, carbon fibre to carbon fibre.
  • Data centres – During electrical installation of main panel, generator and UPS systems. Verification of protective device contact resistance, busbar parallel feeds, busbar lapped joints, optimum resistance over torque and cable lug to busbar connections. During maintenance using trending data for all aspects of the above, verification after repair.
  • Medical hand-held opportunity – Earthing and bonding systems for protection against microshock and macroshock.
  • Panel/switchgear manufacturers – End of production line testing, site commissioning, maintenance and fault finding.
  • Robotics – Wiring systems and connections which are subject to stress/movement/vibration, bonding of component parts to minimise static, grounding of machine, welding leads of robot spot welder.
  • Electrical infrastructure – Cable resistance from one end, cable length, identification of parallel supplies while connected, cable to lug to connection fault finding. Checking assembled connections main supply cables and panels, switchgear and protective devices, UPS and changeover panels, interlinking busbars, interlinking cables, distribution and PDU boards, lightning protection systems, final circuits.